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Window Film Solution
Decorative Window Film

DekorFix™ Decorative Window Film is an amazing solution to adding creativity and privacy to your bare flat glass windows with the fraction of the cost, the privacy window film creates an etched or stained glass appearance that blurs obstructs views. You can enjoy the same degree of privacy and sun filtration, It is not only a removable window film but reusable as well.

Strong sunlight streaming through windows can be lovely on a summer’s morning, but it can also have detrimental effects on your skin, furniture, antiques, and art. DekorFix™window privacy film cuts Anti UV rays and reduces glare, It works to block the contributors to fading and extend the life of your furnishings.
DekorFix™ Decorative Window Film is waterproof and recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms—great for shower doors!— as well as bedrooms, sidelights, or glass-fronted cabinets.

To learn more about sun control window film, please contact us by mail: or whats app: 0086 13093826868

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Sun Control Window Film

Control Heat for Your Home Or Commercial Building
The more windows there are in your building, the greater the benefits of installing DekorFix™ Sun Control Window Film. That’s because DekorFix™ Tinting Window Film does much more than simply control heat gain and prevent heat loss. It also improves the safety, security, energy efficiency, and appearance of your building – all at a fraction of the cost of installing special windows.

Save Energy Every Day
DekorFix™ Solar Control Window Film rejects up to 79% of the heat that would otherwise come through the window. That can translate into a savings of about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to sunlight. In addition, an energy-efficient building puts less strain on your heating and cooling system, thus reducing maintenance and extending the life of the Equipment.

Everybody Is More Comfortable.
The sunny side of the building is overheating. Yet the air conditioning is making the shaded side too cool. Complaints are coming in from both sides of the building, and people are dueling with their thermostats.

If you use DekorFix™ Sun Control Window Film, your home or office becomes more comfortable. Temperature imbalances are minimized. Glare is reduced. With fewer complaints, you’ll be more comfortable, too.

Extra Protection For Furnishings.
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a major contributor to fading. Carpeting, paneling, desks, drapes, and upholstered furniture represent a sizable investment that can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. Since DekorFix™ Sun Control Window Film filters out 99% of the harmful UV rays, fading is considerably reduced, and your investment in furnishings is better protected. While no film can stop fading completely, our films dramatically slow the process of fading to keep your interior looking beautiful.

To learn more about sun control window film, please contact us by mail: or whats app: 0086 13093826868

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Security Window Film

Windows and glass can be seen as a potential weak link when it comes to security, but an application of specialist window film can provide an effective barrier, serving to deliver increased security as well as peace of mind.

DekorFix™Security Window Films can be applied to existing glass, negating the need for expensive new glazing and with a range of grades and finishes, there is a film that is suitable for every situation.

DekorFix™ Safety Films are unmatched in terms of visibility and clarity. It's very good for commercial and residential buildings that are directly exposed to the public, these clear security glass films provide excellent safety and protection, the visual effect is not affected.

DekorFix™ Security film for glass protects your interior from harmful UV rays from the sun. It rejects about 99% of the UV rays, helping to reduce fading on your precious furniture or other UV sensitive belongings. Window security film maintains the transparency of the window, you can now enjoy the warmth of the sunlight without any harmful solar rays.

DekorFix™ Safety film for window offers a range of thicknesses from 2mil 4mil 8mil to 12mil, it allows the glass to withstand an amount of impact, serving to slow down and deter intruders, whilst also providing protection against accidental damage.

In the event of breakage, like a laminated glass film, our safety window film will hold the glass together, keeping the broken glass together and in the frame, making it hard for potential intruders to obtain unauthorized access to your premises. By ensuring the glass breaks in a safe fashion, an application of security film also provides a safety solution by preventing broken glass falling in on itself and causing potential injury to those inside the building.

With a wide range of security films to choose, Baysoom trained staff will help you make an informed choice, whilst samples will allow you to see how each film performs in your unique circumstance. For advice, samples and a quote for installation to your glass, contact whats app: 0086 13093826868

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